Four Knoyle Road - Brighton & Hove Open House 2016

Our Brighton & Hove Open House was open as part of the Fiveways Artists Trail. Work included painting, sculpture, design, woodwork, jewellery and textiles. The open house is now closed, below are the artists that featured their work:


Christina Reading - Painting

Glenis Boote - Jewellery

Belinda Coyne - Design

Frances Derbyshire - Textiles

Polly Doherty - Jewellery

Val Everitt - Sculpture

Olivia Ferrier - Sculpture

Fleur Grenier - Pewterwork

Grizelda - Cartoons

Linden Hamilton - Sculpture

Claire Hicks - Painting

Amy Madge - Jewellery

Penny Marler - Sculpture

Irene Marot - Painting

Chris Peach - Textiles

Sarah Perry - Stoneware Pottery

Alison Rankin - Painting

Hazel Reeves - Woodwork

Rowan Tindale - Sculpture

Katie Young - Metalwork

Four Knoyle Road 2016 resized